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Walleye Message Central - Golden's Album: Goldens Pics
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Goldens Pics
A collection of photos.
Da jeep
Push me pull ya
Coast Guard
Lake Erie
Cruising in the blazer
Average Lake Erie walleye
Self explanatory - at the Marblehead lighthouse
Lake Erie sunrise
Missy in Splash Dogs....she won 2nd place in her class
My rock crawling buddies...these guys are NUTS!
New soft top from Softtoppers in Boulder, CO
The "New and Improved" 1972 Blazer
FW 190 A-8 in progress
You're looking at Wyoming
Elk Country
Hunting Jeep
1972 Blazer - 9/18/08 
Finally found a good one.....now to start work on it.
Rear View 9/13/08 
(notice new snow on top of Crown Point)
Front View 9/13/08
Dyno PPE
tired puppy
Cindy and I....on the pier

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