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Raybob's Photo's
canada road repair
Findlay Res 1 & 2
Buck Eye
My Truck12-23-04
Oldest Son Troy (47 yro) and Ray/Dad, July 2010
Oh My
Ohio DNR 2008
Getting the mail in flood ravaged northern ND
IL Jigs for the cool water bite ... I like to use a pair 12-14"es apart & tap the bottom in the early spring before pull season & then again in the...
Close friend Basser Bob Bailey from Findlay w/a 27/27 Erie Walleye Oct 13 2000
A-Bay Eater Flat Track
Bob and Raybob w/a nice 6' box of 5-8 lbers when the limit was 10 eyes/Oct 13 2000...
Bob Collins w/a 27/27 Erie Eye
Raybob's garage, home & both decks
the fishin' shack, upper deck and boat lifts
the end of my Chippewa channel
Lower Deck & Garage
Youngest Son Chad 41 yro in the Erie boat, they have two sisters in their 30s Nikki and Abbie
2003 new Chippewa double Ramps half done - swing a right at the ramps & I live 300' North down the channel
IL Beater I-Boat summer 2006 forward
IL Beater I-Boat summer 2006 aft
Bob, Buck & Skip, some Erie S-Bass
bob oh
IL D slider rig

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