You gotta be registered to Post in this forum

07-30-2008, 08:01 PM
Hey, we're not perfect but we do try our best.

Let us know what is wrong so we can get it fixed, or let us know your gripe so we can look into it.

And...if we are doing good....that's good to hear now and then too ya know.

Only one little catch on this gotta be registered to post.

I don't mind getting yelled at....but I wanna know who's yelling ;-)

And, while I'm at it......let me list the benefits of registering on Walleye Central
1. Your own customized home page with your news feeds, your weather, your links, your stocks....... and more.
2. Free up to date solunar tables.
3. Allowed to post on the Swap Board
4. Allowed to list events in the Event Calendar
5. Can open and maintain a Member Photo Album
6. Can Instant Message and eMail other registered users.
7. Can edit your own post if you mess up.
8. You don't have to constantly mess with the "human verification" (typing in that number each time you post)
9. Allowed to post on the Trade A Trip page
10. Allowed to start Polls on the forums.....I'll think of more...there is more.

And my favorite one - You gain credibility, reputation and respect from fellow WC'ers.

I'll close this thread but feel free to start a new one.