How to get to the chat site

01-12-2009, 07:52 PM
Click Here to get to the Chat Site (

All you need is a java enabled browser to use the chat site.

At the bottom of the Chat Site module there is a small icon that looks like two small computer screens. If you click that icon you can resize and move the chat window.

To Private Message another user on the Chat Site just right click the name and pick the Private Message option.

All chats are logged at all times and I read all the logs, so keep it clean and if you cause problems I have your IP address and login time so I can track you down if I have to. Let's not make me prove that...ok.

We will schedule chats and have a list of scheduled chats in this forum.

Typically we schedule chats for Wednesday nights at 7pm CST and if there isn't a scheduled chat there is always someone on there at that time so drop in and "chat".

Click Here for previous chat transcripts (

Have fun, meet other walleye fanatics and "let's talk walleye!"