Site question for mods

06-23-2009, 09:01 AM
I'm kinda new to the site, but I LOVE IT!!

I do have a question for the mods or someone else who might be able to provide some answers......

I'm trying to do some research for a possible fly in trip. When I do any sort of search for "Fly in", "Fly-In" or even "Fly" it says that the search is too common, short, etc & it gives me no results. When I search "Fly In Trip", it just searches for "Trip". When I search for "Fly-in outfitter", it just searches for 'outfitter'.
What in your opinion would be the best key words to use since apparently I can't search specifically for keywords "fly in"??
Or am I doing something wrong? I've done a lot of other successful searches with perfect results, but am having trouble with this one.

Thanks in advance!

Hot Runr Guy
06-23-2009, 09:17 AM
Go figure, you need at least a 4-letter word to search (Hahahahahaha!). That's why "outfitter" works, but not "fly", or FLW, or AIM, etc. So, all I can suggest is to be creative with your searching. Also, I find it easier to select "show posts", rather than "show threads", seems faster to sort thru the results.