Forum Navigation questions

07-15-2017, 04:12 PM

I've really been enjoying the site but am having issues/questions on navigation that aren't answered in the FAQ:
(1) What are the two left most column icons in the Forum. Sometimes its a red envelope, sometimes clear and less frequently a padlock.
(2) Is there a way to mark a "thread" as read?
(3) I've tried marking a Forum read but that doesn't seem to change any behavior. I was hoping to be able to filter out read topics
(4) Is there a way to Bookmark a topic? I've subscribed to a few but some forum's whtat us this "hosting software" have subscribed and well as bookmark. The later being that you can easily find it again when you are interested. (Some title it "favorites")

Thanks again for the great site content.

07-17-2017, 11:53 AM
I'll endeavor to answer best I can

1. the envelope icons show a variety of different meaning. Red means it's getting a lot of traffic, blue little traffic, a lock means it's no longer open for posting but can still be read. The full list of all the meanings are at the bottom if you scroll down.

The second column might give you an idea of what the post is. A red angry face probably means someone is complaining, a blue sad face means they are sharing un-happy news. These are called "post icons" and can be set by the thread starter when they are creating the thread.

2/3. There is no way to individually mark a thread as read, though if you are in a section, you can mark the section as a whole as read. The easy way to sort through read and unread is to use the envelopes in the first column.

4. There is no way to "favourite" a thread on the site, but you can check all the threads that you have "subscribed" by going to UserCP>List Subscriptions.

From there you can edit them into separate folders if you like


07-18-2017, 09:01 AM
Thanks Kevin. That helps a lot! I'm wondering why when I read a thread and return to the index that it still shows up as unread. Sometime later (like 15-30 minutes) it finally shows up as read. Also, when a new post has been made to a thread, it makes all the previous posts appear to be unread. I am wondering if this is a user setting or an issues with the forum management software in general.

Thanks again