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08-07-2000 02:10 PM
RE: Retaliation

Take a "dump" in his livewell or bilge. Nice hot day in August......Enough said.
08-07-2000 07:25 AM
RE: Retaliation

>Practical jokes do not seem a
>very mature thing for adults
>to do. Unless you
>have thought of all possibilities
>and are sure that no
>one will be injured or
>unreasonably compromised I suggest that
>they be avoided. If
>a joke goes wrong and
>someone gets injured or killed
>an apology from the prankster
>is an insult.
>A boat that is rigged to
>float away is not funny
>if the owner decides to
>swim after it and drowns.
>When I was a kid someone
>goosed a kid known to
>be extremely sensitive to that
>act. We were ice
>skating and he was with
>a bunch standing around a
>red hot pot bellied stove.
> He jumped right up
>against the stove and his
>heavy clothing kept him from
>being severly hurt but he
>did burn both hands badly.
>Once I returned from fishing and
>went to retrieve my truck
>and trailer to load up
>my boat. I noticed that
>my safety chains were unhooked.
> I thought my fishing
>buddy must have unhooked them
>for some reason I couldn't
>fathom so I hooked them
>up and went to get
>my boat. I loaded
>my boat and towed it
>60 miles home. When
>I unhooked I discovered that
>whoever had unhooked my chains
>had also removed the pin
>that held my hitch in
>the hitch receiver. The
>only thing that kept my
>boat and trailer from becoming
>a uncontrolled missle on the
>highway was the fact that
>my safety chains were short
>enough that they prevented the
>hitch from slipping all the
>way out of the hitch
>I enjoy a laugh and a
>joke as well as the
>next guy but be careful.

08-06-2000 07:29 PM
RE: Retaliation

Rather than do anything at all, the next time out with him, just sit there and smile! It'll drive him wacko, and he'll always wonder what you did. The curiousity will get him thinking all the time. "Keep smiling and the world will wonder what you're up to." Trust me, this works! One important thing to remember is try not to start laughing too hard as this may give it away.Have fun with it!
08-06-2000 07:09 PM
RE: Retaliation

I'm fixin to learn ya now, so pay attention, Jeb. Here's the best one of all:

Pour a bottle of turbo lax into his coffee right before you head out onto the water for a day of , er, well, fishing. He, he. And you don't need to worry about him accidentally hitting another car or anything stupid like that.
08-06-2000 11:01 AM
buzzer IA
RE: Retaliation

Well, I sat here and read them all..Some of you guys are NUTS!!! BUT, I can't believe no one thought of this little ditty..
OK, the guy fowled your boat with odor right?? So what's wrong with a little catfish stinkbait under his boat seat..I could suggest Junnies Cat Tracker, Sonny's, G&S, Bawkers, OLD Whiskers, or any other stinkbait brand that you can think of..All you gotta do is sneak over to his place and with a small paint brush, apply said stink bait to the bottom of his boat seats and I GUARANTEE that he will be blown away the next time he opens the garage or takes off his boat cover..And this is harmless fun as he can take the seats out and wash them at the carwash..
After all, one "good turn" deserves another, right??
08-06-2000 05:40 AM
RE: Retaliation

Hey Tuck,

Just put down the catfish and back away slowly and we won't have any trouble!! :P

I'll make a deal with you, you stay away from the Catfish, and I'll stay away from the smallies.

Talk to you soon.......R
08-05-2000 11:10 PM
RE: Retaliation

This one won't work for fishing but if duck hunt or goose hunt go out and by the flare cartridges for 12 gauges put it into chamber tell him to try a shot at the next set.
Smoked duck anyone?
08-05-2000 11:07 PM
RE: Retaliation

Take His Favorite Rod stripoff about 50 feet cut it and then re -wind it and when he let's the line out plop goes the rig
08-05-2000 09:26 PM
RE: Retaliation

Practical jokes do not seem a very mature thing for adults to do. Unless you have thought of all possibilities and are sure that no one will be injured or unreasonably compromised I suggest that they be avoided. If a joke goes wrong and someone gets injured or killed an apology from the prankster is an insult.

A boat that is rigged to float away is not funny if the owner decides to swim after it and drowns.

When I was a kid someone goosed a kid known to be extremely sensitive to that act. We were ice skating and he was with a bunch standing around a red hot pot bellied stove. He jumped right up against the stove and his heavy clothing kept him from being severly hurt but he did burn both hands badly.

Once I returned from fishing and went to retrieve my truck and trailer to load up my boat. I noticed that my safety chains were unhooked. I thought my fishing buddy must have unhooked them for some reason I couldn't fathom so I hooked them up and went to get my boat. I loaded my boat and towed it 60 miles home. When I unhooked I discovered that whoever had unhooked my chains had also removed the pin that held my hitch in the hitch receiver. The only thing that kept my boat and trailer from becoming a uncontrolled missle on the highway was the fact that my safety chains were short enough that they prevented the hitch from slipping all the way out of the hitch receiver.

I enjoy a laugh and a joke as well as the next guy but be careful.
08-05-2000 09:15 PM
Enough Already!
RE: Retaliation

Time to move on yet? This one is getting stale!
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