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03-01-2021 11:46 AM
Aspencreek Just a couple thought's here
First, Consolidation and acquisition has been going on since before we were all born, welcome to the free market. Innovation and new products have been happening too, again welcome to the free market. But a foundation of the free market is that if you do not like the prices being charged, you don't have to pay it. Interesting comments from some individuals who drive around in a fancy truck pulling fancy boats worth thousands of $$$$.

Second, private labeling, store brands etc. have also been around for years. That does not make them less desirable or of lesser quality. There is a plastics manufacturer in Madison who makes the grubs, swimbaits, worms and numerous other baits we all use. They are made for several different labels, packaged in bulk and sent to those different packaging facilities. Same swim baits, different packages with different labels, all ending up on the store shelves, but made in the same facility. Do you really think BPS or Cabela's made the boots, tents, shirts, gloves coats, etc. etc. Of course not, they purchased them from the specific mnf. under specifications and private labeled them. It is how business is done, and everyone benefits.

And this is done in lots of different industries, when I was in the Window business I worked for a manufacturer who purchased vinyl stock from a large extruder. At that time they sold to hundreds of other manufacturer's like ourselves. We all had the same frame parts, and sash parts, the only difference was where we purchased the hardware and glass from. Everything else that mattered was exactly the same, but we all said OUR Window was the best on the market. But really we were all the same.
03-01-2021 11:26 AM
kzoofisher And also a chain in the south west. Sportsman’s took over a lot of Field & Streams when Dick’s walked away.

I’ve still got one great local shop, an ok one nearby and an ok one up by my cabin. We’ll see how many are left in a couple years.
03-01-2021 11:25 AM
That Minnesota guy You can still find quality tackle in the ma & pa shops yet. Local guys who build baits will often sell there. Or even places like WC have guys who do stuff. You might pay a bit more in some cases but it's that or keep feeding the evil Chinese empire.
03-01-2021 11:15 AM
Buffalo Fishhead
Originally Posted by NM_Trout View Post
I heard that Bass Pro purchased Sportsman's Warehouse.

They did.

Buffalo Fishhead
03-01-2021 10:52 AM
NM_Trout I heard that Bass Pro purchased Sportsman's Warehouse.
03-01-2021 10:27 AM
kzoofisher Funny how “store brand” used to be a red flag but “private label” is FANCY! Agree that unless it’s a huge savings I’m not taking a chance on knock offs for anything critical to my trip.
03-01-2021 09:46 AM
Homegrown1 Over the past 5 years, I've bought less and less from BPS because of this. Not sure who makes their house brand (could be the original thing, brand labeled) but I'm not willing to take the chance it's not junk.
02-27-2021 11:35 AM
Franco Cialone the only way to fix this is to not buy the knock-offs and when in the store , ask for the real original lure ! Let them know that you don't want a copy
02-27-2021 06:34 AM
kswalleyer hopefully new brands continue to emerge...What ticks me off is when I walk into someplace like BP and I see they have copied and private labeled other companies stuff. I dont want BPS version of Northland, I want Northlands stuff...

Was in Springfield recently at BP and probably 1/2 the store is now BP labeles knockoffs.

I was looking for some SPRO rock crawlers and they said they dont carry them anymore...Im sure thay are going to copy and private label them.....
02-26-2021 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by djcoop52 View Post
When you control the majority of the players you can control the price. This just continues more and more every year big money interests buying up the competition that they cant force out of business dont see any end in sight. Most just hide under shell corporations to avoid anti trust problems and we just keep paying, as long as big money interests can keep the laws in there favor thru lobbying and hush money it will continue. Almost impossible for some small start up to enter the game just cant compete with the dollar advantage that comes with size.
I don't think I could have stated it better...……...in the end, we all lose.
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