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04-14-2012 03:20 PM
cyber16 Them AGM Odyssey batteries are top of the line and are sold under several names. Enersys Genesis among others
04-14-2012 02:45 PM
To answer the salesman who said that it wasn't necessary, tell him that you would like to perform a demonstration on HIS boat that DOES NOT have a circuit breaker installed.

Take a piece of good heavy wire, and stick it into his trolling plug socket - shorting out the + and the - wires on his trolling motor and RUN.

You will be lucky if it only just melts down the wires and does not blow up the battery and set the boat on fire.

This would be a very graphic representation as to why a breaker is necessary.

On the other hand, if you do exactly the same thing on your rig with the circuit breaker properly installed at the battery - the short at the trolling motor socke will result in a spark and a click at the breaker as the breaker trips. No fire, no melted wires, no blown up battery and no burned up boat.

Remember, it is not that unusual to have a short develop on one of the wires that extend to the motor, if a knife happens to slip and cut the insulation, or if someone steps on the wire with something sharp on the bottom of their shoe, or the motor itself fails by developing a short somewhere internally in the motor.

Good luck
04-14-2012 01:19 PM
DJMcGoo Thanks guys for all the great information. Those Battery Tender connectors look to be a great option. I was going to ask if the breaker was a necessity because when I spoke to the dealer I bought my electronics from, he said it wasn't necessary. Never felt comfortable with that answer. I'm considering getting Odyssey batteries for the boat. Hopefully they are as good as they say they are.
04-14-2012 12:40 PM
For your motor which has a peak draw of 56 amps, you should be using a trolling motor connector that is rated for at least 60 amps.

You should also be using a breaker that is bolted to your battery that is a 60 amp breaker.

The wire that runs from your battery should be 6 gauge wire.

Here is a recent post of a wonderful connector that many of us have just discovered:


This connector has a nice high current rating, will handle 6 gauge wires, has a bolt together feature to keep the connector in the socket and has a right angle outlet so that the trolling motor wires do down the front of the bulk head rather than sticking out and getting in the way.

Minnkota and others sell the 60 amp breaker. Use a piece of brass with appropriate sized holes drilled into the brass strap to bolt on the battery, and then bolt the circuit breaker to the brass strap. Finally, bolt the ring holding the 6 gauge battery wire to the output of the circuit breaker. By having the breaker bolted directly to the battery, you will be protecting all of the wiring to the motor in case of a short anywhere from the battery to the motor.

It is quite likely that your boat will not be wired with 6 gauge wire. If that is the case, be prepared to pull out the old wire and use that wire to pull in a new pair of 6 gauge wire. Also, have a swaging tool on hand so that you can put appropriate size rings on the ends of the 6 gauge wire to connect to batteries or to the trolling motor connectors.

If at all possible put only group 31 batteries in your boat. i.e. 1 group 31 battery for your motor and electronics and two more group 31 batteries for your trolling motor battery.

Also, be sure to carry along a short pair of jumper wires in your boat, so that if your main starting battery gets discharged for any reason; you will be able to start your motor by using the jumpers to jumper one of your trolling motor batteries to your starting battery.

Good luck and enjoy your new rig.

04-13-2012 11:09 AM
cyber16 The AGM batteries will thrive if you only drain them 50-75% and then recharge them.
This practice alone will add many more useful charging cycles over the life of the battery as compared to nearly depleted each use.

Therefore if you purchase two group 31's with each about 100 amp hours.
And say you run the terrova nonstop for 5 hours at about mid speed or less
that would be somewhere near 20 amps an hour usage times five hours.
The two batteries in a series would have supplied about 100 amp hours therefore about 50% of their charge, i do not have the amp hour usage chart of the terrova in hand therefore my figures are only estimates, maybe someone can chime in.
btw: i had seen three one year old blue top optima batteries being sold on another forum IDO, if you are in MN they may be a deal, they where group 31M three for $100 each or +20 if you did not purchase all.
I have not used that brand, i read both positive and negative feedback, yet at $100 and they still should be covered by the 24 month 100% replacement warranty.
04-13-2012 10:36 AM
Power for Terrova 24v

Need to put power to my Terrova 80lb with iPilot on my new Pro Guide 1825. The boat should be here in about a week so I'm trying to pull everything together that I need to rig it when it arrives. I need to get an onboard charger set up as well as a 24 volt battery set up using batteries that will fit in the Pro Guide bow compartment. Do I need size 34 or 31? Which will fit? Should I go with a specific brand of AGM battery or does that really matter? I am looking at a Minn Kota 10/10/10 charger for the boat and I have easy access to power on the dock at the cottage so would it be a bad thing to go out a fish for 3-4 hours, return to the cottage, plug in the charger for the afternoon let's say, and then hit water in the evening to fish for another 3-4 hrs? Would this shorten the lifespan of AGM batteries? I can see myself using the spot lock feature on the Terrova a lot where I fish so could I realistically expect to get 8 hrs of fishing out of a good set of AGM batteries without charging inbetween? Not sure what to do and I don't want to get caught short on power.

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