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05-12-2019 10:40 AM
sooflyfisher I already have the 24 volt power drive. Got a great deal on it and I like having the 24V for longer run times as I where I generally fish I am without power for the 3-4 days I am there.
The boat does have a bow deck, I had already removed it when the picture was taken as I am building a larger one just to give more room on the platform, I found the original tight with the trolling motor.
I had the motor and all installed with the batteries at the very front last year. I was just looking for more ideas to hopefully reduce the trial and error time. One of the biggest reasons for all this was I needed the front counter balance when fishing alone. Without the added weight up front I cant use the boat alone as the bow rides way too high.

If worst comes to worst and I just cant get aceptable performance out of the boat with a passenger, the motor will be on a quick release bracket and batteries are always easy to unhook and remove. Plus when fishing with a passenger there is a lot more anchored fishing then when I'm fishing alone.

Thanks all
05-11-2019 10:11 PM
San Chan My last boat Lund Rebel 1440 with a 30HP Yamaha 2Stroke (pull start).....tried to go 24V and loan another battery just see how it ride. I was actually ready to have a long jumper cable so 1 battery front and the other at the back or middle, the boat just don’t ride right. Mind you I mostly used the boat alone. I sticked with 40lbs PD at the end. If I will to do it again, I might use the back battery(as 2nd battery) and bare with the interference on the Sonar. Might not be the best choice but I think I can live with it.....just saying.
05-11-2019 05:17 PM
DW A 12v motor would be good but sounds like you already have a 24v. If so, I would buy a pair of 24s or smaller batteries to minimize the weight.
05-10-2019 07:33 PM
Trolling Motor Batteries

I see some complications mounting the batteries where the blue circles are. The batteries will be too far apart to be practical to wire. Most applications have batteries close together to send wires to the front TM.

I also see a possible problem mounting the trolling motor on the front, there might not be enough bow flat space to mount without adapting some extra flat space to mount. That can be handled by adding some plywood decking.

A 12 volt trolling motor would probably be ample for this size boat and reduce some of the complications. This might make the location for a single battery in front of the front bench seat and be lighter for better balance.

Just my suggestions, good luck in your project.

05-07-2019 10:47 AM
sooflyfisher Thanks for the replies. I am currently leaning towards leaving them at the very front. (where the red circle is) A bit less work as the bow deck covers a good chunk of it all. And better counter weight when I'm in the boat alone. This boat was not useable for me alone as it was much to back heavy and I was just not comfortable in it. Hopefully with a passenger all will still be good, if not I plan on putting the trolling motor on a quick release bracket and batteries are easy to disconnect when with a passenger. Or my passenger can just sit on the livewell in the center till we get on plane lol!

Will update how things end up!

05-07-2019 10:41 AM
Albertan I'd try them wherever the other adult doesn't sit. I think the front is ideal and more out of the way (I think those middle benches are more valuable stow space). But as Bob mentions, you'll need to be prepared to move them after a test on the water. That could be up to 150lbs of extra weight, which will have a huge impact on how that boat rides.

Keep us posted how you make up. I am mulling buying a similar 14'/20HP tinnie to bomb around the smaller lakes nearby where I can't launch the big Warrior.
05-06-2019 02:39 PM
Ozark Bob I would set them in front without making it permanent to see if you can get the bow high enough so its not plowing through the water. Might also be tricky in any kind of chop. It would probably work better in back of that seat. Depends on the batteries but I would guess over 100 lbs unless they are lithium. This could be a risky deal if you get it wrong. Be careful. Bob
05-05-2019 06:04 PM
Battery location recommendations

Hi Everyone, I'm getting the boat ready for the season and trying to decide on a location for the 2
batteries for my 24 V powerdrive trolling motor. The boat is a Smokercraft 14' big fish with a 20 horse. As well as me at the back there is also a battery and gas tank. Generally only one other adult with me.
Would the batteries be better in front of the front bench, (red circle) Or one on each side behind the front bench (blue circles) . Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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