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outdoor_junkie 01-06-2019 09:31 PM

looking for a NWT pro to sign up with for all three events
NWT co angaler looking to sign up with a pro a can help pre fish in some events if my work permits

Lure1958 01-09-2019 08:38 PM

Looking for a Pro to sign up with to fish Redwing. You can PM me, email me @ [email][email protected][/email] or text or call me at 612-865-9187. Thanks, Dennis

edhock 01-23-2019 12:49 PM

West Branch MI co angler looking for an angler to fish tournaments. Will help with expenses. Can also prefish if needed.



Bmeye16 01-24-2019 09:03 PM

Another Co looking for a pro NWT Red Wing 2019
Another co looking for a pro for the 2019 NWT Red Wing
[email][email protected][/email]

landshark 01-27-2019 11:15 AM

co angler looking for a pro for 2019 NWT
Hi I am a co angler looking for a pro to sign up with for the whole season. I live in Michigan please send a email or call me
or post a private message

[email][email protected][/email]


toddr4 02-04-2019 01:00 PM

If any Co needs a Pro for Sault Ste. Marie, PM at facebook.com/walleyecanafford

ducks517 02-07-2019 02:08 PM

already Signed up as a co for the salt ste marie event. Would like to have a pro to sign with me. let me know if you need a co. Willing to perish also to help get on them. Call me 315-559-5780

EdHatten 02-08-2019 05:32 AM

Looking to hook up with a pro for NWT at Sault St Marie
I would travel up the 22nd and would be willing to assist pre fishing the 23rd and 24th and fuel.Please let me know. Hotel booked and registration in.

Looking for a pro to add to guarantee registration.

Thank you.

johnwhayes 02-16-2019 12:11 PM

Need Pro for first two events
John W Hayes
[email][email protected][/email]

DM Chappy 02-18-2019 09:20 PM

got co-angler Thanks WC
Thank's WC got co-angler

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