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Karas3434 01-22-2020 08:00 AM

[QUOTE=muskyed;6388310]Ran the Sam's all last year with braid for salmon, love them. Like was said, make sure your back clip has the pin. Only problem with them is you have to make sure that you wrap the line in the right direction, or they will hang up and not trip. My kid hates them when he sets lines, but he knows it all, and doesn't want to be told how to use them. Had to turn around to pick up one board last year, but honestly think we didn't actually get the line behind the pin in the back. Also most always run my dipsys off a drop loop with a small s-biner. Lure's about 50' back. Just unclip the dipsy when reeling in, and land the fish without it, really simple. I do want to try a wire dipsy this year though.[/QUOTE]

I really like the Sams Pro releases, especially for salmon. I always double wrap the back OR16 clip on my boards just so I don't have to worry about the board coming off. I had a 400ft length of copper and flasher/fly combo break off a few years back due to a big fish pulling the board under. Which is the reason I switched to the Sams Pro releases. No more fighting the fish and the board.

I've never tried the loop and s-biner dipsey setup though. Personally I run 2 of the OR-16 clips on my dipsey divers so I can remove them. I put a 50ft section of braid between the leader and my wire and can attach the dipsey where ever I want in that 50ft section. Some days long leads work better, some days shorter works better.

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