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milfish 09-21-2021 04:24 PM

Kicker Marine Stereo
So my Lund came with a Kicker Marine radio. I hadn't used the boat in quite a while and went to turn on the radio and it won't come on. I checked the connection and the fuse and all is OK. I then tried to find a reset function for the radio online with no success. Anyone out there had this happen? My dealer said radios just go bad?? Does anyone know if Kicker has a reset function? Usually holding a certain button or buttons for 5 or 10 seconds will reset the unit.
Any help would be appreciated.

therealjoeblow 09-22-2021 08:31 AM

From the manual (the manual is on the Kicker website under the KMC2 unit - I asked their customer service and the KMC2 is identical to the KMC1, only difference being the 2 is for sale in retail and the 1 is for sale as OEM to boat builders):
Factory reset:[/B] Reset the KMC2 to factory default settings by pressing and holding the [B]MODE [/B]button for eight seconds.

Not sure it will work though if the unit won't power up.

Did you check the power wire right where it connects to the radio's wiring harness with a multimeter for 12v? Even though your fuse appears to be ok, a number of other issues related to bad connections could possibly prevent the power from reaching the radio.

Link to the manual is at the bottom of this page:



MauroC 09-22-2021 10:32 AM

This may sound like a stupid question but is your main power switch in the “on” position?
I tried to turn on the radio once while cleaning out the boat and it wouldn’t go on, checked the fuse and then I realized I didn’t turn on the switch.

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