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clawman 10-27-2017 08:25 PM

[QUOTE=YATYAS;5830465]Good questiom. Marine Corps M40 rifles are modified by Marine armorers. From my understanding, head space is a main factor in accuracy. I wonder if they mod the head space of each rifle to ensure the ammunition and chamber are a perfect fit.[/QUOTE]
I'm sure they have specs they machine to. The point is, they have a recipe for all rifles of the same caliber and it works. OMG they are accurate to well over a mile!

Uncle Paul 10-30-2017 05:24 PM

[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]Clawman saw a show once where the armorers were building bolt guns from parts they started with the Remington receivers and machined almost every part of the gun to their specs and after it was done they developed a load that was for that specific gun only, I remember them showing the loaded boxes of ammo that had the guns serial # on it.With the newer guns and the semi autos Iím sure it just a ammo loaded just for the military to meet there specs.YATYAS I Googled your Question and lots of info on what youíre looking for but look up a formula developed by W.W.Greener it will get you in the ballpark I think[/SIZE][/FONT]

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