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Muskeye 06-05-2020 07:54 AM

Rainy Lake
Can't wait to get back up there is a few days. Any reports from Rainy? What is the current water temp? Smallies spawning yet?

Muskeye 06-15-2020 07:54 AM

Rainy Lake
We just returned from a few days on Rainy. Had a great time as always. Camping in Voyager is such a treat. Not too many places like this in NA. We got there following a cold front with wind. Did not expect to do great the 1st day. We did find fish in a current area between the two main pools. Tried all the common points, turns and windy shorelines without much success. Water temps ranged between low 50's to 60. Caught our fish in the cooler water. Go figure. My live well was full of what looked like small fry. The fish must have been feeding on someone else's eggs.

Muskeye 09-04-2020 11:31 AM

Rainy Lake Report
I just returned from another trip to rainy Lake. I picked the wrong time to go in terms of the wind. Fishing was a bit challenging and a major lightning storm in a tent didn't help. I found the Walleye holding in the 35 FOW range. I did my best trolling cranks at over 2 mph. Caught fish on crawler harnesses but cranks were hot.

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