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rebelrn2001 01-19-2021 06:17 AM

Day (or several day) fishing trip in NE and N Wisconsin
I want to change things up a bit for 2021 and make a point to try new fishing spots this year.

I have a brand new Crestliner Pro-Tiller 1850 with all the fixin's. Typically, I hit spots under an hour away and repeat these trips too often. Getting kinda bored with it.

I live in Suamico, WI (about 10 minutes north of Green Bay) and am semi-retired (working 6-12 hour night shifts every 3 weeks with a stretch of 8 days off work during that time). Ultimately, I'd like to go to new areas within 2-4 hours and spend a night or 2 at a motel or resort fishing nearby lake(s). I like to panfish or cast, jig, troll for gamefish. Whatever is needed to catch something.

Canada is probably out again due to Covid and I do have a MN/Winnie trip with my wife in late June. Otherwise she's not much of a 'fisherman'.

Wondering if someone would like to make a day trip or 2 to see if an overnighter somewhere (compatibility wise) might work. My dog (and yours if it works) would hopefully be part of any equation. We can change off boats too if you have one as well. Contact me by text or phone call at 920-two-six-five-8406.

Take care and Best Fishes.


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