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Ricky Spanish 06-25-2019 03:01 PM

[QUOTE=Bobby Winds;6331334]Soak/marinate in Wishbone Italian Dressing an hour or more prior to grilling.[/QUOTE]

1980 called and wants their recipe back. :grin:
I have done this many times with boneless, skinless, (tasteless) chicken breasts, too.

I usually just lightly salt, pepper, and garlic powder and leave it get tacky in a baggie on the counter while the charcoal heats up. Cook indirect until 140* and do a quick sear of both sides over direct fire. We can and should eat pork cooked to 145 without a problem. DO NOT cook to 160* like we were all told would "cook out the worms". Although still tasty, usually very dry.

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