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clawman 08-12-2021 10:04 AM

Ford F-150
I'm considering a F-150 w/3.5 power boost hybrid. I'm interested in hearing from those who currently use this vehicle to tow a boat larger than 20'.

Adequate power?

brad34 08-12-2021 10:47 AM

It's a brand new engine, so you're probably not going to get very many responses, if any. You'd probably have much better luck on one of the Ford/F150 forums.

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Knutson21 08-12-2021 11:45 AM

Its not a brand new engine, it has been around since 2011 I believe.

I am on my second one. First was an F150 (2013)and now in an Expedition (2018). I think it s a great engine. You asked if it lacks for power, absolutely not, the engine is a beast. I just pulled a 30' Travel Trailer from Western Suburbs or Chicago to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I had no problems at all plenty of power to climb ramps to merge on the highway, plenty of power to pass. I didn't feel at any time that boy I wish I had more engine. Now I will be honest that some of the drive I felt that I wish I had more truck, a 250 or 350 body would have been better, especially with the longer wheel base. There were a few tail waging dog moments, but never unsafe condition.

But if you are strictly asking engine question it is great. You will not pass many gas stations pulling a large boat, but I think that is the case no matter what.

Bill Krejca 08-12-2021 03:06 PM

I think the query had to do with the hybrid, which I guess is pretty new?


Knutson21 08-12-2021 03:28 PM

I didn't even read the Hybrid word in the sentence.

Selective reading I guess.

My response would apply to the standard 3.5 Eco

Husker525 08-12-2021 04:35 PM

I work for an organization and at a location that has Mopar, GM, and Ford dealerships all in the same lot.

I am not a Ford guy.

With that being said, Ford brought out their Hybrid truck, at 5500' above sea level, pulling a 5000 lb trailer, and smoked the tires for a block pulling the trailer in 4wd.

That got my attention! That thing has crazy power with the 3.5 and the way they have hooked up their generator system right to the torque converter.

I have no idea whether it will do what you want to do with a 20' boat, but I would hook up my 19' aluminum deep v to it in heartbeat. (But I won't, only because I own a Chevy). LOL

clawman 08-12-2021 05:01 PM

[QUOTE=Bill Krejca;6589566]I think the query had to do with the hybrid, which I guess is pretty new?

Power burst = hybrid in Fords vernacular

WoodinvilleWalleye 08-13-2021 12:05 AM

Knutson21 still has a lot of relevance in his reply. The hybrid battery is only assisting at lower speeds/city type driving. At towing speeds on the highway, your output is coming from the gas engine.

I follow this F-150 forum quite a bit, lots of info there if you want to check it out. [url]www.f150gen14.com[/url]

I have a 2021 F-150, but I didn't get the PowerBoost. I only have an 18' boat at about 2k in weight, and it pulls it like it's not even there. But, my Tacoma pulled that boat really well, too. That said, I notice the Ford having a much easier time on the mountain passes while towing than the Tacoma. One would expect that, though, given the power differences.

RMBin303 08-15-2021 02:06 PM

My neighbor bought one when they came out this spring. He is retired, and uses it to tow a new travel trailer, I'd guess it is a little under 30'. He's taken several trips with it, and complains pretty much non stop about fuel usage. I have no idea how fast he tows, but he states it averages about 5.5 MPG towing. That number seems low to me, but I do know that the EB engine its based on is pretty thirsty if you put your foot in it.

FWIW, I have a 2019 Expedition MAX with the EB engine. I'm not a Ford guy, but I have to say that the power of the EB is impressive, and the Power Boost version has more power than my old 2003 Cummins. I really like the generator option of that truck, and the ability to run everything off the grid on a travel trailer. If I were looking for something for a light RV, the Power Boost might be higher on my list, but I think I would pass if I were just looking to tow a fishing boat.

brad34 08-15-2021 04:41 PM

The Powerboosts do have lower payload capacities due mostly to the weight of that large battery. For light towing it's probably a great option. For heavy towing, especially travel trailers, I would go with something else.

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