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eyesbme 05-17-2021 03:57 PM

Closest Resemblance To Berkley Ripple Shad
Has anyone found any good alternative soft baits that are a close resemblance with the ripple shad 3” up to 4”? Berkley discontinued making the gold/black fleck color in the 3” so wanting to see if anyone has found a good alternative to the ripple shad.


RJR 05-17-2021 07:32 PM

While not the closest resemblance, the Keitech Easy Shiner in 3" is similar in style. It has that same streamlined look to it with the smaller paddle, just like the Ripple Shads. They fish the exact same. There are also some dynamite colours in the Easy Shiner line. Main downfall of the Keitechs is the price, of course.

Northland Impulse paddle minnow is similar to the Keitech, if the Keitech price scares you.


adempsey2.0 05-19-2021 08:42 PM

Plenty of similar baits, but I cannot think of anything that would be an exact replacement. They have a unique shape to them.

However, I can recommend the Berkley Grass Pig Jr. and the Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer looks pretty good (I've use the Rib Shad, which is very similar). Definitely different from the Ripple Shad, but they do work well.

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