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Manny 03-17-2008 06:50 PM

Mercury Triton bonus payout for MWC
Talked to Mercury and Triton about the highest "placing" Mercury/Ranger team recieving $500 and I believe that may be a misprint from the MWC unless the $500 is being paid by Ranger. Mercury will pay $500 to any team in a Triton or a Ranger that "wins", Not the highest "placing" team according to Mercury and Triton.
Right now if you are registered for "Triton Gold" you will also recieve $1000 if you "win" the tournament from Triton, I talked with Earl and I'm trying to get that switched to the highest "placing" Triton owner will win $1000. If you are a MWC angler in a Triton, that would be a killer promo with the number of Rangers to Tritons. I'm trying to get it done, don't forget to register with Beth Reed at Triton to qualify for "Triton Gold".
Can't wait to see everyone in Springvalley!!!!!!!
Manny Sparks

update 03-19-2008 10:36 AM

RE: Mercury Triton bonus payout for MWC
Highest Ranger/Mercury will recieve $500
Triton/Mercury must win to get $500
Reason being MWC is spocered by Ranger/Mecury.

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