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pinwheeled 01-21-2018 06:34 PM

I have unbelievable hunting. I live in MN but my main hunting is Buffalo County WI. I have a couple leases. My guests or I shoot slammers every year. I still like going to different places. For me it has nothing to do with how good I have it on my home ground. It's about the adventure and looking at different trees every year. I use outfitters, lease ground and hunt private in the dakotas. Last year in the Kansas camp there weee people from 13 different states there. Pretty cool listening and talking with all the hunters.

pinwheeled 01-21-2018 06:41 PM

[QUOTE=7 Mag;5957906]I hunt private ground in both states, I lease in Indiana and I'll be using an outfitter in Illinois. Ive taken my biggest whitetail deer in Illinois but there's just as big of bucks here in my own state. My favorite place to hunt is in Montana, that's where I took the mule deer in my avatar pic. Illinois has good hunting but a lot of pressure since it gets a lot of attention from the TV shows. I can't recommend an outfitter in Indiana as I don't know any of them. Don't over look Northern Missouri it's a sleeper and tags are over the counter.[/QUOTE]

Missouri is great. I have a lot of family that live in northern part of the state. Specifically St. Joseph. For some reason I have just about zero desire to hunt there. I don't know why. Family has lots of good land also. Maybe because I am there so much. It's not adventures enough.

I will be looking and researching for outfitters in IL and IN.

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