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FlyNorth 08-23-2021 04:02 PM

Used boat prices.
Do you guys think prices are starting to soften? Not talking about the normal end of summer softening but the crazy times. Also, what are delivery dates being quoted on new Lundís, Rangerís, Crestlinerís, Skeeters and so on.

Just curious.

RMBin303 08-23-2021 06:15 PM

I don't. When Covid first hit, I was sure there would be a huge drop in the recreation market. Obviously, I was 180* wrong.

Personally, I see no reason to think prices will soften any time soon. It's not like there was a huge influx of additional boat production. In fact, it was mostly the opposite, less boats produced. And that still doesn't seem to be changing. Add to that nearly double digit price increase on new boats, and there really is no reason for prices to come down.

If I am looking at my crystal ball, I would say we are at least 2 years before prices changing. If it happens.

Mark Pothen 08-23-2021 06:24 PM

I don't think so. Prices for 2022 are going to be 10 to 12 percent higher than 2021s. Used won't be going down for a while

Waxy 08-23-2021 07:12 PM

I don’t see used boat prices going down for 2-3 years.

The OEMs have more orders for 2022 than they can build, prices are going up across the board, and that will keep demand focused on the used market - that equals high used prices.

I think it’ll take a while for demand/supply to even out and prices to soften.


Mark Pothen 08-23-2021 07:16 PM

Agree 100 % Waxy

That Minnesota guy 08-23-2021 08:11 PM

[QUOTE=FlyNorth;6592124]Do you guys think prices are starting to soften? Not talking about the normal end of summer softening but the crazy times. Also, what are delivery dates being quoted on new Lundís, Rangerís, Crestlinerís, Skeeters and so on.

Just curious.


Thatguy 08-23-2021 08:41 PM


My boat was ordered in Jan, arrived Aug 10th. One of the last 2021 crestliner made in that model. When I picked it up the dealer said price went up 13% on the same boat for 2022. Used prices dont seem to have moderated at all.

OldFootdoc 08-23-2021 09:09 PM

I have a habit of looking at Craigs list for used boats most every night for a few minutes. It seems to me that boats are not selling quite as fast and I watch the price of Lunds and pontoons and have a general idea of what prices might be. The people trying to make a killing are hanging on to their units longer before they lower the price. This is also true on facebook marketplace.

walleyefan9 08-23-2021 10:34 PM

There are some deals out there if you're patient, on the used boat market. I just picked up a used 1900 Pro V LE that I had been looking for all year. It took patience, but I finally got a guy who messaged me back a full month after we talked the first time that he would accept my offer if I was still interested.

I had to drive 14 hours round trip to get it, but the rig is nice, perfect for me, has a brand new Terrova Ipilot, and I got it at a good enough price that I don't mind spending some more money on fixing it up to my liking with a couple of new Helix 10's, and a few other things to make it a fun, usable fishing rig for me.

Some sellers are just sick and tired of waiting to see who wants to pay them the high prices everyone is asking for. I saw a lot of boats that were still for sale 3 and 4 months later, asking high prices. Nuts. Not me. In a year or 2, when things return to normal pricing, some folks are gonna be way upside down in their used rigs because they paid $5K to $10K too much this year.

My .02.

DBV 08-24-2021 05:49 AM

Yep - they will definitely not stay this high. House prices are already started to go down slightly. Americans took out a lot of debt this year and this will all eventually catch up. No way boat prices or house prices stay at these out of whack prices.

Used car prices are already starting to go down too after a high in June. Still higher than normal though. Whole market is out of whack now and if you buy, are buying at the height.

bubba800 08-24-2021 09:03 AM

19[QUOTE=FlyNorth;6592124]Do you guys think prices are starting to soften? Not talking about the normal end of summer softening but the crazy times. Also, what are delivery dates being quoted on new Lund’s, Ranger’s, Crestliner’s, Skeeters and so on.

Just curious.

Yes but I don't think they are going to become close to pre-Covid prices. I'm one that watches craigslist and other ads regularly and had a Marine Survey done on my boat before and after hanging a new 175 SHO on it. If you search Lund in this area there were 300-400 that came up in June 2020, last night 2982 of all sizes and vintage. There are plenty of hopeful people that think they are going to make money on what they bought at an inflated price to start. Restaurants are open and kids are in sports again and those extra funds that everybody had for a boat are going get realocated. An acquaintance with Wells Fargo said they are seeing people want out from the payments this year before they go under water. I was only slightly surprised to hear that some people have payments of $1000-1500 a month on their boat and truck. When the housing bubble starts to deflate everything else will go with it.

That Minnesota guy 08-24-2021 09:20 AM

The doom & gloom is those that couldn't afford the boat in the first place will be in trouble. Those that could will be fine.

Nothings changed and the market for them won't either.

Yellowfin123 08-24-2021 11:24 AM

i'm kinda like bubba i look at boat ads everyday even when i wasn't buying at the moment kinda like other guys look at a playboy mag.... all this talk "omg boats going up" well no kidding, a pack of bubble gum has gone up 15% theres deals out there on used covid or no covid.. i've got 4 new lunds i've been watching for about 7-8 months that have come down on price slowly but surly, just depends on the boat and the seller..

Dbars19 08-24-2021 11:25 PM

when your spending close to 90 or 100k per boat a extra 5k-8k isnt going to change your mind....

FishManDan 08-25-2021 03:03 PM

Hmm neighbor had a 19ft glass run about. Had not notice him going out with it. He said nope had it for 2 years and sold it for $2500 more than he had into it.

simo 08-27-2021 03:20 PM

Low new supply, keeping used prices high.
I think it will take a very long time (years) to return to pre-covid price range. The thing to remember is there was a huge supply drop in new boats. Without new boats being built, there are less used ones on the market. The next issue is manufactures cant build enough (labor AND material is more expensive/hard to find) Also means new boats are more expensive than ever, worsening the supply of used boats as people will be less likely to trade up. So even if demand returns to normal (COVID inspired boaters deciding they don't need a boat), we are still stuck with a supply shortage which will keep prices higher for years to come.

ranger1850 08-27-2021 11:04 PM

2020 Ranger 1850 Merc 175 Pro XS
This boat is one year old and no way could sell this for $60 k and afford a new Ranger. My dealer in-stock boats are 250/300 and 400 hp, imagine the price tags on any of those models. When I bought this boat last summer I wanted to order a boat and sell mine a few weeks before the new one was shipped. My wife gave me great advice, buy the boat that's in stock or keep your old one, best advice for sure.

FinmanPoozie 09-18-2021 10:42 AM

Banks go by NADA values- & NADA hasn't changed. Loans haven't increased, but down payments sure would. Resale values can skyrocket but loan principal amounts wont budge

Happy fishing!!

rdiddy 09-18-2021 11:12 AM

Some people in this thread were talking prices of new boats could fluctuate. I expect that pricing on new boats will continue to rise... but I can't see how a manufacturer would ever reverse course and start to lower pricing on new boats.

Has that ever even happened before?

Basically the take home I am getting is buckle up if you're looking at a new boat as they are basically jacking prices up every year by a lot?

FinmanPoozie 09-18-2021 11:19 AM

Ranger raised their prices 10% over 2021 to help paint a picture of new boat prices. I was told a year model to next year model is about 2% normally.

"Supply vs demand" economics with the new economics being "supply vs demand & shortages with supply chains"

Somewhat related to lead times. I've posted that 2 Fridays ago I had an opportunity to check out a Vexus DVX22 delivered to their CT dealer on 9/3 for a boat ordered in January. I know a 2nd dealer who was interested in becoming a Vexus dealer but turned Vexus down because some of their models had 12-14 month build times, & he said he'd be out of business waiting that long for boats. I was told this week that Ranger's running around 14 week build times for some of their models. That's part of the OPs lead time question.

Happy fishing!!

rdiddy 09-18-2021 11:34 AM

[QUOTE=FinmanPoozie;6597918]Ranger raised their prices 10% over 2021 to help paint a picture of new boat prices. I was told a year model to next year model is about 2% normally.[/QUOTE]

Yeah that's a healthy jump for sure.

What kind of % increase are we forecasting for the 2021 - 2022 changeover?

I wish I would have pulled the trigger a few years ago :angry:

FinmanPoozie 09-18-2021 11:39 AM

[QUOTE=rdiddy;6597920]Yeah that's a healthy jump for sure.


OH forgot!! My dealer strongly suggested that if I was in the market to do it before December because Mercury might be having a price increase around then & it'd be the 1st increase in something like 4 years. That'll add even a bigger $$ being plunked on the counter. he said that's what he's heard but doesn't know for sure.

2022 models start around May so we're already in 2022 now.

Happy fishing!!

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