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Old 01-03-2019, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Snowking View Post
I live in far southern Germantown. I have a 1875 lund crossover. If you want to do some salmon fishing I will take you out. Just send me a pm in spring. I am a farmer so allot of my fishing trips are more last minute. I normally do not fish the Milwaukee area Inland lakes because of the crowds. I do some walleye fishing on winnabago.
As the owner of multiple 20'-plus cuddy cabin I/O boats over the years, on a pair of fairly substantial weather-risk lakes (Mendota & Monona, in Madison, WI), you wouldn't catch Anonymouse going farther out on the Great Lakes than the harbor at Port Washington on a perfect day, (let alone any sort of common Great Lakes windy weather) in anything smaller than 24'-30' and it better be the 30' because Anonymouse usually doesn't pack a change of undershorts.

Did actually tow the 22" Celebrity 210CC down to Port Washington once and had a great time fishing on a calm and not too breezy fall day, along the seawall of the power plant coal storage area, INSIDE the breakwater - but bruthah, there is no way Anonymouse would have taken even that substantial canoe out onto the lake proper.
Speaking as someone who has fished Lake Michigan in a 30' closed bow with autopilot, you are one gutsy and brave (or dumber than a Box-O'-Rox) dude Snowking, to run around out there in an open 19 footer.

If you have that big a pair & get REAL desperate, Anonymouse can be there on a couple hours notice.
You only live eight or nine times, amiright?

(Currently on Life #7, so good to go - ONCE.)
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