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Old 03-16-2019, 11:42 AM
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[QUOTE=promopete;6300296]A lot of people predicted this...Ranger is now the new Bass Tracker. People bought Rangers because they were Rangers. They aren't anymore, quality and fit and finish are gone compared to boats made before Bass Pro moved in. Many feel Vexus will be what Ranger used to be. [B]I know a pro currently on the Bassmaster Circuit who told me 80% of the pros currently with Ranger will switch to Vexus. His speculation, not mine.[/QUOTE]

Looking thru the competitors' pictures on the Bassmaster website, I'm not seeing all that many guys running Rangers anyways. Have they already lost the majority of that market? Lots of Triton's, Nitro's, Phoenix and BassCat logos,,,,,,,

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