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Old 03-16-2019, 12:04 PM
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[QUOTE=Bobby Winds;6300664]You got to be kidding right........ I have lived my whole life within 20 minutes of Lake Erie...fished it as a kid off shore from many piers before I was old enough to buy a boat and fish it A LOT ! ! !

When I was much younger I placed in the top ten 5 years in a row in the Southtowns Walleye Tournament here on Erie.....over 2500 entrants back then. In order to do that you must fish what you refer to as TRUE BIG WATER.......largest waves I endured were 6' and they were flipping my planer boards over and I'm not talking those tiny inline boards many use today but double Great Lake boards off a 6' mast on the bow of my 16'-4" Grumman with a 84" beam.......but it was also 39" deep.......I doubt if I would have even been able to stay on board this boat in 6' seas, no room to fish in the cockpit where it "might" be safe and those casting platforms are for bass anglers not full time walleye fishermen.

OH, did I forget to mention I also did a LOT of salmon/trout fishing on Lake Ontario not to mention the mighty Niagara River where you will need a diaper if I took you up river thru the power plants and into Devils Hole.

That boat looks PURDY but it seems from the pics to lack a LOT of cockpit space with high enough gunnels to be consider a safe boat to fish on the Great Lakes.[/QUOTE]

King Bobby! Man you are great
Some people like more deck space than sitting area....
Iím one of those people. Sure theyíll be introducing another boat or two in the next few years.
Looks like a similar layout to the ranger 619-621 which I guess isnít a good Erie boat either. :stirthepot:
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