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Old 06-03-2019, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by bigwalleye1 View Post
I see the draw, but I'm curious vs the payoff side vs the cost side of the equation, when you consider costs per mile, battery replacement, the life of the vehicle and the cost to generate the electricity. Not trying to turn it into a debate, but I've got a coworker that's long on the brag about how he's doing good for the environment. I keep pointing out to him that his actions require additional use of fossil fuels by guys like me with diesel trucks and 5th wheel campers and boats to keep the environment in harmonic balance.
there is a ton of research on this, you can do your own... but in short, where i live, including all the resources used to manufacture a 100kw battery, and auto to put it in, along with all the power to power that car, it would pay itself off from a carbon standpoint in 2.7 years given 10,000 miles/year.
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