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Walleye Message Central - View Single Post - Valley sport and marine ripped me off now what
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Old 10-21-2019, 11:03 AM
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[QUOTE=bigwalleye1;6365984]Pretty late in the list with this, but it appears that the OP is setting himself up for a disappointment. He's already in the "all or nothing" mode. There is NO FIX the dealer can do to to this boat to make him happy. The dealer has offered to repair the boat, and I think that's all they're going to do, and I think if it's not a structural issue, that's all they're obligated to do.

I have a hard time believing the dealer set out to screw the OP, and is only doing what they would have done with any boat that came in flawed that they did notice. They'd repair it and sell it. Here, they sold it and are willing to repair it.

I wish both parties luck in finding some solution, because I just don't see there being any middle ground.[/QUOTE]

No if they offered me 10 grand off the price of the boat then sure I would accept that, plus getting it fixed. That way Iím paying for a damaged boat, I donít want to hear well then Iím ripping the dealer off because hey should not have to pay for repairs, they are not paying for repairs in the first place it is warranty work with Lund.