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Old 12-06-2008, 10:42 AM
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Question Not A Good Move

This unproven tournament format opens up a whole new can of worms of more potential problems.
As a Pro what if your camera(s) fail? The batteries go dead? Or other camera issues?
The camera(s) gets wet or bounced out of the boat?
The transfer of data fails?
How exciting is it for spectators to watch the compilation of a data transfer. What kind of draw or excitement is this format for spectators? Will it create more excitement or less? Will it bring any new people (consumers) into the sport. Which by the way, isn't that what potential sponsors really need?
You are reading a reply from a angler that has already lost or ruined three digital cameras while fishing.

The role of a Co-Angler has obviously been discounted in this format. Granted the entry fee is less. Still all the other expenses for a co-angler will stay the same or continue to go up. No reward, compensation and no championship to qualify for is not competitive with what other competing circuits have to offer co-anglers.

Getting off the ground in the first year with a well sponsored tournament circuit that did not have an experimental format would have been a more positive approach in my opinion. Not just for AIM, but for sponsors, competitors, co-anglers and spectators alike. At least that is how it would appear to me. While I would like to support the basic concept of AIM, this release has me really shaking my head.
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