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Old 09-01-2021, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by bbheli View Post
Well after seeing this I might never consider a Nitro anymore. Anything man made can have an issue that does not make it bad. The Pinto had exploding gas tanks for a while but 3M of them were sold and people did not stop buying a Fords, Its kind of a dumb topic as just because some of whatever had a problem does not mean they all have a problem. Also when we hear about what someone said it gets changed from mouth to mouth, **** 5 people can witness an accident and within 30 minutes all have differences in the story to the cop taking the report. I know at least 10 owners of the 219 and 202 and none have had an issue nor have I so its just hype and hearsay unless you own one and had an experience hearsay is worthless that's why its not admissible in court because its just that hearsay.

While I agree with you, them guys being without boats for awhile tells me it wasn't hearsay...

And jeez!!! did dude wack a dock or something? lol
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