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Old 09-09-2021, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Fisherman1792 View Post
Ok, Ive been watching it on you tube as I havent heard of it. Watching the detroit river fishing. I understand the no weighting of snagged fish and the 2 minute penalty of bumping the fish off the boat but what I dont understand why is there a minimum fish weight starting at 2lbs? If they are all being released right away, you would think that all clean catched fish could be weighed?
Just wondering, otherwise it looks like a good format.

Fisherman 1792
It was inferred that it had to do with the accuracy of the scales. A one ounce difference is a smaller % on a 2 lb fish than the same difference on a one lb fish.

Honestly I think that it is more interesting to watch these guys trying to catch larger fish than someone weighing in 5 or 6 fish that are 12-14" long. Just my opinion and preference.
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