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Old 09-15-2021, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Fisherman1792 View Post
Ok, Ive been watching it on you tube as I havent heard of it. Watching the detroit river fishing. I understand the no weighting of snagged fish and the 2 minute penalty of bumping the fish off the boat but what I dont understand why is there a minimum fish weight starting at 2lbs? If they are all being released right away, you would think that all clean catched fish could be weighed?
Just wondering, otherwise it looks like a good format.

Fisherman 1792

I believe its detrimental to the series. I watch MLF and there is nothing like watching KVD be behind by 20lbs and the next thing you know he's found an offshore hump loaded with fish and watching him mount a comeback.

I think they made it 2lbs because the scales they initially used were straight garbage. I think MLF uses 1lb as its guideline and its fine with the scales they use.

I get we like to see big fish be caught. But quite frankly having now watched 2 seasons and hours of H2H, i'd prefer to just see fish get caught period. There are so many hours of nothing going on where you just have to listen to these guys tell stories over and over again, its unbelievable.

I also think it complicates the rules unnecessarily. And I'll be honest, if you want to be taken seriously, its kind of tough with "dinkfest" being in the official rules. if you look at their regional rules, they just do 15" minimum and AIM type measuring rules due to i assume the expected large field of participants (oops). I like the weigh format but if its good enough for local amateurs , its good enough for the pros IMO.

I enjoy watching tournament fishing. I don't care what it is and will likely continue to watch. but they also seem to make an emphasis on their gold member stuff and if they don't continue to polish, they'll lose those. I think they will and I enjoy the coverage for the most part.

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