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Walleye Message Central - View Single Post - A few questions about installing Mercury's Active Trim system on my 2020 620FS Cup
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Old 09-18-2021, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by gbin View Post
I'm definitely going to install Mercury's Active Trim system on my 2020 620FS Cup

Does that first point mean that it should NOT be installed on a vertical surface? How about a slanted surface?

Given both points, do folks with boats such as mine have a particular spot they like to put this? I don't have a stereo system, but I do have factory-installed VHF, etc.

Is there any reason I should wait to install the Active Trim system until after I've installed (or determined that I won't be installing) a Zipwake system? Or can I easily change the Active Trim system's installation to incorporate that Trim Tab Interface Kit after the fact?

Mine came with ActiveTrim installed by Lund. The control is pretty small & I'll post a pic next time I' at the boat & remember. Mine is mounted vertically underneath the big motor's throttle.

Overall it works well. I lose a little speed but get better MPH. "Slight" is key. Don't expect miracles with though. For example, with me jockeying the trim I hit 58.5 MPH with a smidge over 23 GPH. Turning on ActiveTrim, same day, same lake I hit 57.2 MPH at 21 or 22 GPH (i forgot the exact GPH)

My kids often drive the boat, and for them ActiveTrim is great: launch, turn it on, pick the profile & let it manage the trim.

I forget what I paid for it as an option though. I'd probably get in the next boat because it does make it a little easier to really squeeze out a li'l more MPG, but just a litttle.

ActiveTrim or tabs though? Very different tools for very different goals to be met.

Happy fishing!
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