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Walleye Message Central - View Single Post - Best temporary way to plug livewell/baitwell in my 620FS Cup?
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Old 09-20-2021, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by gbin View Post

Maybe we have something different. When I look in my wells I see mesh domes over the drains with no way to screw the caps you linked over them. Assuming I can screw those mesh domes out of the drains, I reckon I would still need male plugs to screw into them, not female caps to place over them.


I too have the mesh screens over the bait well and live well drains. I just unscrewed the screen and screwed on the cap I mentioned above and left the screen laying in the bait well. Perhaps the drains are different now as I did use a female threaded cap.

After doing a little search on Flow Rite website I think your drain might me designed a bit different than mine from 2007. Below is a link to their catalog. Scroll down to page 9 and note the section towards the bottom of the page titled "Drain screens and Plugs" Perhaps part number MA-045 or MA-050 will work for you.


I will guess your cable needs adjustment in order to stop the unwanted water from entering your wells. I've rebuilt my live well valves 2 or 3 times. Replacing the flappers each time. If you look at the valve there is a nub at the end of the cable, that nub needs to be up tight against the part labeled "I" in the diagram below. If the cable is not up tight against that part you will get water. Don't ask me how I know. A call to Flow Rite and a few bloody knuckles and I was good to go.

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