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Old 09-22-2021, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by rdiddy View Post
Thanks for the recommendation on the hydraulic steering, I will put that on my must have list. I didn't know what advantages it offered, but now I can see it's value so thanks for the explanation.

What is wave pro or smooth moves? From your description I am going to have to assume it's a seating option?

I was leaning towards doing my own rigging for two reasons, one because I enjoy technical installs like that and secondly, for example a humminbird helix or a minn kota ulterra seems to warrant a large markup in price on Lund's factory boat build website.

If I source those units and buy them myself, it seems the prices are considerably less. Frankly, given I am already purchasing boat, motor etc from them I would have expected that they would at least not price gouge on the accessories and electronics... but maybe I am somewhat naive as I have never done this before.... or am I missing something?
If you factory order your electronics and trolling motor, you will get them with the boat as Lund has huge buying power and as far as I can see Humminbird pretty much ships everything they have there first. Then to dealers and retailers in the US. And lastly to dealers and retailers in Canada. Many of their most popular products have been vapourware and perpetually back-ordered here in Canada since last October (Terrova 80lb 60" iPilot Link; Helix 9 MSI+, etc). So you will be sadly disappointed in waiting forever for these to be available. I would just bite the bullet and get them factory installed.

Also on the boat builder pricing... it's a guide only. You really need to go see a couple of dealers and get competetive quotes. And note that the prices do NOT convert directly from the boat builder pricing which is in USD to CAD using market currency conversion. The CAD to USD conversion rate is currently 0.79, but when I ordered my boat (Lund Adventure 1775 Sport) a few months ago and compared the printout of the boat builder options and pricing to the Canadian price build sheet the dealers gave me, the conversion on the pricing for each line item was between 0.65-0.68, so a lot more in CAD than a simple currency conversion. But then after everything tallies up on the build sheet to the "retail" price total, the dealers all make their own decision on how much to cut as a "dealer adjustment" to actually sell the boat for. This is where they factor in their profit margin, and the 3 final quotes I got ranged from 10-20% off of the raw total. So you need to factor that bit of confusion into your final pricing on the options and electronics as well.

Example, if the Boat Builder pricing totals $50k USD "Your Price", then you need to divide that by approx 0.67 to get $74.6k CAD as the total base price on the Canadian build sheet (NOT $63.3k which you would expect with a simple currency conversion at 0.79), then take $7-14k off of that in CAD for what the dealer will sell to you, and expect to pay somewhere between $60 and $67k CAD plus taxes. Obviously try to find one who is less greedy and is closer to the 20% off than the 10% or less.


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