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Old 09-23-2021, 07:35 PM
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Geez all these options seem complicated. I guess it goes back to the earlier post on understanding the full system. For me and my little 17 foot Lund: 1. Yes for sure on the Perko switch. This is hooked up to my starter battery. The "all off" switch that comes with Lund doesn't truly turn everything off. Keeps my starter battery fully charged. Totally separate is my 24v system that runs my electric motor, it has a 2 bank charger that goes to the 2 trolling motor batteries. Done! Just that simple.

Correct, I don't have a charger hooked up to my starter battery. Going on 5 years and no problems yet. I suppose I should get a new starter battery one of these years. Worst case I suppose I could jump start my boat with the trolling motor batteries if for some unexpected reason my starter battery randomly died, but difficult to envision why that would happen. Would be rare to say the least. Better to buy a new starter motor battery prior before it dies. Probably next year now that I think about it! To be fair, I store my boat inside. Likely that helps. That goes back to understanding all of the variables.
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