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Old 04-26-2012, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by wiggle View Post
I have a Bradley smoker. I thought the idea of it taking care of itself was great! But it has such terrible uneven heating that I am constantly rotating racks. If I didn't, the bottom racks of meat would be brittle and dried out while the top racks would still be nearly raw. Very unhappy with the Bradley
I think you will find this with all vertical smokers that move air without a fan, as the heat rises the heat is absorbed into meat and cools the air so you have to rotate the trays to have even distribution of heat.

I am on my third smoker and I think I found the one I like, a trager pellet grill. It can smoke at somewhat low temps, not low enough for cheese but it can smoke ribs, pulled pork , sausage and its so easy even I cant screw it up. These have a fan that helps burn the pellets and circulates the heat somewhat evenly.

My first smoker was a masterbuilt and the heating element went out, alright for the occasional smoker but not really well built. I also have a bradley electric that I would love to get rid of but last time on craigslist had no hits, its an alright smoker but it takes some learning and after using the pellet grill I had no use for it

whatever you buy it will not be as easy as you think, it takes a lot of experimenting to get it right so dont get discouraged. The other thing is dont get caught up on the price of the more expensive ones, it doesnt take that many experimental racks of ribs or briskets at 30-60 a pop to make up the difference from a good smoker to a crappy smoker.
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