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Old 06-08-2021, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozark Bob View Post
There is a small manual on Chart select. It may help.
LINK: https://www.humminbird.com/sites/hum...hartselect.pdf
Thanks for the link. The instructions are helpful, they would have at least saved me one interaction with their support. I'm confident we are proving there is a technical problem, but it's a terribly slow process, at least via email - "is the SD card inserted" then 24 hours later "is it in the lake list" then 24 hours later "can you try zooming in" 24 hours later etc. All the while I've been stating since my first submission that I can see the darn lake and drill in, but there are no map features. I know they have to rule things out, but it's really inefficient as they are providing one sentence responses/questions and every reply obviously goes to end of the queue for future response instead of being actively addressed.
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