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Old 03-30-2019, 10:03 PM
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Maybe 40 items or so have proven to be worth using flEaBag, but mostly the price Anonymouse is willing to pay is a lot lower than what somebody who really wants that item is also willing to pay - so they almost always overbid Anonymouse.
A couple of times it was a nice surprise to win something really cheaply, but out of hundreds of lowball bids, it's not an effective way to acquire anything you really need or want.

The "Make Seller an Offer" feature is useful, so don't be afraid to use that and try to catch a deal - especially if you are going to order multiples of an item.
Anonymouse purchased (12) of an offer of (25) colored slimline CD cases from a vender in some podunk backwater California town.
Normal price runs about 18 cents per 5mm CD case, in bulk ($36/200) on sale and ($48/200) retail, online.
This fella was offering 25-packs of colored ones for $6, ($24/100) but after negotiating by email, Anonymouse got an order of 300 for $24, including S&H. (8 cents each.)
Ended up going back to that vendor to order 400 clear slimline cases about a year later & got a similarly good deal after reminding him Anonymouse was a repeat customer.

Did the same kinda deal on 2 cases of canned air (big 10 oz. cans) & got 24 cans of compressed air for ~$2.34 each. ($56 including S&H.)
The winning argument?
He buys in bulk from China and pays maybe $1.66 per 10 oz. can, in lots of 1,200. (100 cases)
(Anonymouse researched bulk prices beforehand.)
By selling Anonymouse 2 cases - 24 cans, he was moving stock & still making SOME profit, even if not as much as he would have liked, on single can sales.
They ask like $7 per 10 oz. can, with free S&H, in most cases.

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