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Old 09-22-2018, 10:58 AM
Cobbled Cobbled is offline
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I'm sending it back Monday. Found a decent prop that uses the merc hub system. Brand is michigan, their prices are decent. Gonna order that one Monday as well.

Had boat out first time yesterday. Not disappointed but not impressed either. The only payload was me (160pounds) my buddy (150) and my dog (60) and it would only do about 37mph With 5100-5200rpm with its current banged up alum prop. With a new SS prop I would hope it would put me at 40mph at least with the same payload. But it seem 19 pitch is max for this rig, was 55 degrees that day. While my top speed was a disappointment the 125 did seem to run well overall, when I got home I did a compression test, 120psi on top 2 cylinders and 125 on bottom 2.

Another gripe other than top speed it that the steering is "clunky". Lots play it seems. I figure if I replace the bolt where the steering cable connects to the motor that will take care of some of the play.
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