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Old 02-25-2021, 03:34 PM
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100% believe!
When in boot camp at the Great lakes Naval training center I was looking at the sky while standing outside in the chow line for breakfast. I was gazing at the sky and saw what appeared to be a shooting star coming from my left as I turned my head to the left to view another section of the sky, I quickly turned my head back to the right to watch it continue on, but nothing there. Turned my head back to where I originally noticed it and ended up focusing on what appeared to be a brighter star than the rest, that seemingly brighter star all of a sudden took off across the sky to my right at an extremely high rate of speed and stopped on a dime well off to my right, then it came back across the sky at that extreme rate of speed further out to my left and again stopped on a dime, then it accelerated back to near where I had originally noticed it, and again stopped on a dime. Then it went UP and just got smaller and smaller as it got further and further away until it was no longer visible.
It was apparently at very high altitude, navigated a triangle at an extremely high rate of speed with three sudden stops, and went up from it's last position in what I would think would be like watching a rocket going into the atmosphere until you couldn't see it anymore.
There is no way in H*** that what I saw that morning can be explained away, or that it was OURS!
I sometimes actually wish that I would have reported what I saw, then again at 73 I'm still sort of glad I didn't, wondering if I would still be locked up in a padded room on permanent UFO WATCH or labeled as a looney, YEA, I was scared of the possible consequences!!!!
There were two other guys that witnessed some of what I saw after I brought their attention to that brighter star after it made its first pass across the sky, one of them is a buddy who I enlisted with, and the other one I don't remember who it was, just last year I mentioned it to my buddy and he didn't remember at first, but then later said that he did remember some of the details about what I was talking about.
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