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Old 08-15-2020, 04:09 AM
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I work for a dealership and wanted to point out a few things to clarify.

1) All Carbureted four strokes use fine needle jets to meet EPA standards. So changing brands won’t solve the issue of clogged needle jets.

2) Ethenol fuels are hard on outboards. Especially carbureted 4 strokes. It breaks down fuel lines, gas tanks , etc, and sends small particles into the fuel system. Ultimately clogging jets. Ethenol also pulls moisture into your fuel. When you leave this fuel in the float bowls it’s rusts and causes carb issues. This is why we suggest you to run the motors dry

If you can get Ethenol free fuel do so.

If you can’t then you should run Quick Care (or similar product) in every tank. This stabilizes your fuel and helps to reduce the effects of Ethenol. Quick Klean has a tiny amount of stabilizer but not enough to offset the effects of Ethenol. Don’t run Quick Klean in every tank run Quick Care instead. Quick Klean is best to run a couple times a season not in every tank.

Personally I put Quick care in every tank of gas regardless if it’s Ethenol free or not. I seem to foul less plugs when I do.
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