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Old 06-13-2021, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Carnhzkr View Post
It seems that every year I have to shuck out another $200 for a dehumidifier for my basement. I just bought one from Sam's Club last year and it worked fine, but this year it just runs but doesn't collect any water. Am I doing something wrong in the off season? In the fall, I just unplug it and empty the bucket, and hope it runs again in the spring. Seriously, if I can get two years out of one, that's better than average for me.
Hi Carnhzkr, If you figure out the combination let me know! I didn't own a dehumidifier until August 2018. (Long story, but a high water table mess). We bought the Santa-Fe 90. Made in Wisconsin. It worked good throughout the rest of 2018.

Started it up in the spring of 2019. Wouldn't work. Tech support was great, said I need a Thernister, (sp??) Sent me a link to a YouTube video and the part. Installed, it worked great.

Fast forward to this spring. Didn't work again. Called tech support. Very nice people. Did some trouble shooting via email. Tech determined low on refrigerant and needed to be sent in. This thing is big so not convenient to ship. They said they'd cover it all but they were at least 4 to 6 weeks out. No dehumidifier for the summer didn't seem great. So, they offered a deal on another one. Bought the next size down, (70 pint). $500 ish dollars and I had to send them the label from the old one and recycle it. So new one is in the basement doing its thing. Hoping I got a good one this time.

Good luck!

Paul C.
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