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Old 07-08-2020, 08:26 AM
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When I was guiding on LOTW, we spent the majority of the day fishing in a cluster of islands, reefs, etc. You could tell the wind was picking up as the day went on, but I wasn't quite sure just how windy it became until we headed back.

We had about a 15 mile ride back to camp and as I was headed south and approaching a large bay (that ran west to east for about 8-10 miles), I began to see the big rollers and breaking waves. I got about 50 yards into that bay (which we were going to need to run, in the direction of the waves), pulled a 180 and got back to the calm side of an island.

I told the guys to put on their rain gear (not a cloud in the sky, but we were in an 18ft tiller), they were going to get wet. After we all put the rain gear on, I pulled out my maps to confirm my thoughts. Once I was confident in my plan, I told them to sit facing rear ward because of the spray and off we went.

The bay was about 1 to 1.5 miles wide where we were and the wind was blowing straight west to east down the length of it. As we got into the more open water, I slowed down and took the waves at about a 30 degree angle. Rather than 45'ing them, I rode the troughs as best I could and took the shortest route across the bay. Key note here, as was mentioned, throttle control was very important! As we are crossing and I'm in full rain gear, hood up, face covered and only my sunglasses exposed, every time spray came over the sides, I looked at the two guys whose backs were to the front and they were laughing their @sses off.

After about 10 minutes of crossing the bay, we got into a maze of islands and side channels (as LOTW is know for). I slipped through islands and cuts (some that one would not know about unless they had considerable time on that water) the rest of the way back to camp.

All was well and the beer was good at the lodge!
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