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Old 02-24-2021, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by TomP. View Post
I have always wondered bout this bunks versus roller supporting the boat better, almost all larger boats 25 plus feet have rollers. Boards bend under weight so in my opinion the only place that gets real support is where the bracket is that holds the boards.

You do not see what it looks like where the bunks contact the boat have a good freind that his aluminum 19 footer sits on bunks. I was helping him load his boat and notice there was hardly any paint left where the bunks slid and made contact with the boat.

Re larger boats on rollers, (Not making a case for bunks, although for any size I am likely to own ,would never go back to rollers)... for the 25 ft + ,,likely a practical issue? In most cases You probably could never float a deep draft 25ft+ boat off a set of bunks? (Unless you intend to launch you tow vehicle with it .)
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