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Old 02-27-2021, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by SJC305 View Post
A bunk trailer wouldn't be ideal by any means, but I didn't want to rule out any good options unnecessarily. I went through the Shoreland'r parts section and scrolled through the Lund OEM Trailers and found the standard bunk trailer listed for impacts. Then I searched the 4,000lb roller trailers to find the equivalent size roller tandem axle. My concern was as many, is there too much pressure per roller that would dent the hull up on long trips. (1k mile NW Ontario)

There are a few threads here and Anonymouse posted up about the psi per roller, so that got me into researching that end of it. The trailers now days seem to come with 12 sets of rollers per side (24) total. The believe the size of the shorelander roller is about 5x3 roughly, so the estimate seems to be about 1.5 cubic inches of contact per roller. Taking the 3,000lb estimate / 35 (1.5in3 x 24) = 83.33psi per roller.

I agree that that bunk trailers do support the boat weight better. But my back would be more happy with the rollers long term. In time, I figure I'll end up taking the paint off the front bottom of it anyways doing shorelunches, builds character!

Some one mentioned Trailmaster now has the Ultimate Bunk boards as an option. Those board give you bunk support but are as slick as rollers. Never had a problem in shallow water where I couldn't float the boat on to winch it up. But just like rollers, you have to keep the chain and winch strap on until you are over water or you WILL dump the boat off the back.

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