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Old 04-19-2021, 11:33 AM
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Default Outboard motor service problem

Friend of mine took his boat in for suggested scheduled preventative maintenance on his 250 Yamaha Sho and 9.9 kicker at his dealer. Included replacement of the water pumps on each engine. He got the boat back, and was taking it out for the first time, and the large motor would not shift into gear; reverse or forward. Dealer knew what the problem was, but my friend asked what he should do when he got to the shop for his pain and suffering. I suggested the dealer pay for mileage and free winterizing in the fall for their negligence, or a gift card of some sort. Not expecting the moon but a free oil change in my opinion would smooth the waters so to speak. First time he has had in issue with his dealer. I question why you wouldn't test the engines out after replacement of the pumps to make sure everything was working as required. Any thoughts if I am out of line for the oil change idea?
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