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Old 04-22-2018, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Custom Eyes View Post
Words of advice for all custom tackle people. No pay, no ship!! I've been doing this for 20 years and I don't care if you're Kevin VanDam, Gary Parsons, or God himself. You don't pay, I don't ship! One time I got temporarily burned on that one exception until I outed him like this post, and have never violated that policy since, and have never been burned since. Many have tried since, but none successful. No pay, no ship!
Yessir! When I used to pour custom plastics I'd have people asking to place an order and then when I gave a total and asked if it was paypal or money order they would say "I thought I would be paying after I got the plastics and saw they were the right colors". I just simply say "I'm not pouring anything until money is in my account, if I screw something up we will cross that bridge then and I will make it right" If they chose to cancel the order, so be it. Not worth my time to be sending $100 worth of product across the country to never hear from them again. The ONLY time I make an exception now is with walleye jigs or lead weights. I keep a bunch on me and when people I know ask to place an order I can usually just give them what they want on the spot. If they don't have cash on them I don't worry because I know exactly who they are.

Hope you got your money wbgbesox
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