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Walleye Message Central - View Single Post - Do you think ice fishing is damaging open water fishing?
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Old 06-16-2021, 07:23 AM
Steven Pederson Steven Pederson is offline
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I just had this conversation with a guide up on LOTW two days ago. He actually brought it up. Being the border is closed we fished the MN side for a few days. Very slow. A guide walked over to our slip while we were messing around with the kids fishing off the dock. He brought it up which i thought was odd. His claim is that on any given day on LOTW in the frozen season there are 40,000 anglers, if each guy only caught and kept 1 fish, what does that do the population over time? The saving grace for the MN side is that very little pressure on the canadian side so they get wanderers from canada swimming over. I'd say if the US had that whole lake it would be decimated like all the MN fisheries. Really sad.
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