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Old 09-07-2014, 01:05 AM
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Default Seat wanted in Madison, WI

It's September and the Walleyes are laying on fat for winter like crazy over the next month in Mendota.

Ancient mariner who's boats have all taken their last cruises into that great fishing river in the sky, sincerely would like to get out on the big lake on a Saturday or a weekday(s), sometime this month.
(Packers on Sundays, sorry.)
Good boating and fishing until mid-October but the best bite is in the last 2 weeks of September here.

I have DECADES of experience on these lakes & can guide locations with the best of the Pros - bait and tackle is up to the individual fisherman, with tips from me concerning local conditions.
I'll offer advice, bring maps & my own equipment, and pay my share for gas, sundries, & the launch fee - you bring the "motor canoe".
I promise not to talk TOO too much either. (Can be a small problem with me, being a natural born teacher type personality.)

Come on over, Madison's Mendota/Monona/Waubesa chain was the site of the PWT Championship on, ominously, 9/11 - back in 1999.
There are trophy 'eyes in the big lake, over 10#.
Waves on Friday that year were over 4' and big enough to slow the Pros to a crawl.
Ever seen a $45,000 21' fiberglass Triton walleye boat standing on it's tail, with the bow pointed 40 degrees into the air?
The owner of that boat took Biggest Fish of the tournament, over 8#, off 7' Dunn's Bar, a mile offshore surrounded by 50'=70' of deep water.
Yeah, it was THAT bad out there, though that was an extreme weather day for wind.
I just merrily raced the cuddy through it, laughing & whooping like a looney-tune, while the wife was hugging the floor and screaming to be taken back to shore.

She got over it soon enough and it turned into a fantastic day once we got up into the river.
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