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Old 09-11-2020, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Anonymouse View Post
FYI update, Anonymouse settled on the Lowrance Elite-9 Ti2.
Thank you for all the advice.
End note, it took 3 more months to find a $150 deal on the unit & another 3 (CoVid-19) months to get in to get it mounted on the cuddy.
5 shop hours and nearly $700 later Anonymouse has a working Elite-9.
Cuddys are always a PitA to fish wire for a locator and Anonymouse is getting too old and lazy to do it hisself anymore.

Overall it's a good unit, though not worth the sick $850+ they charge for new locators these days.
At first it blew the mind how detailed the downscan was - until Anonymouse realized the same image loop kept repeating itself.
Once out of "Retail Mode" it ACTUALLY began working. LMAO

Trust that all those ads for fish locators are NOT real shots of the screen in action - they are greatly digitally manipulated for sales purposes.
The Elite-9 is a better graph than the older Lowrance units we used a decade ago but not THAT much more improved beyond more screen area and color vs B&W/Greyscale back in the day.
Overall it is a satisfactory unit and probably will be even more so as Annymouse better understands it's capabilities.
Fer sher sidescan is a DEFINITE must-have.
INCREDIBLY useful for mapping the sides of those contour lines on paper maps & Navcharts - you can ACTUALLY see the boulders and such and fish shadows behind them.

And you should explore the Fish Reveal option. You will now be able to see fish and not have to turn on the Fish ID. For Walleye, I find myself using Downscan and Fish Reveal more often than not. You will see fish buried in the bottom that do not show up all the time on regular sonar.
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